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Find my iPhone (iCloud Locked)

  • How does iCloud Lock Mean?


Icloud Lock means the original owner of the device has set up and turned on the Find My iPhone feature.



  • What is Find my iPhone?


Find my iPhone is a security feature that links the original owners icloud account and their device. The main functionality of this feature is to be  able to locate, wipe or send a sound in case the owner looses or misplaces their device



  • How can I remove and iCloud Lock?


1st Option: Enter the correct email address and password.


2nd Option: In case you forgot the email and password please CLICK HERE to order our online removal service. 



  • I am the original owner of the device, but i cannot remember my email or my password.


If you are the original owner of the device and still has access to your email address, but you forgot the password, we can help you reset your password here:



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