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Cellphone Financing Program Available now!


                  Are you in need of a new phone but dont want to come out of pock with the full amount??? We have great News!


We are here to introduce to you Progressive Financing. We have partnered with Progressive to fulfil all of our customers needs and budgets! Imagine walking out of a store with a brand new $500 Smart Phone plus first month bill for about $50 or less down payment?? If you think this is a great idea then this program is definately for you!


Ask your self these questions:


  • Do you have an active Checking Account open for at least 3 months?

  • Are you in the same place of employement for at least 6 months?

  • Has your account been in good standings for the past 30 days? (No NFS or overdrafts)



If you can say YES to all of those questions then hutty and fill out the application with all your information and get up to $1000 in store credit to spend instantly!!



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